Compiler error: same mangled name as another definition

Assuming this may be a general question, I didn’t attached the codes. May you please explain what could cause the issue ?
The name ‘SYCL_class_xx’ comes from “cgh.parallel_for(…)”. DPC++ compiles the program without error.


/home/cc/ComputeCpp-2.0.0/include/SYCL/compiler_hooks.h:124:1: error:
definition with same mangled name ‘SYCL_class_xx’ as
another definition
kernelgen_parallel_for_nd(functorT functor) {

Hi @zjin, this error indicates that two of your kernels (or more!) have the same name. Because of this, the runtime can’t distinguish between them. Without seeing the code, it’s difficult to know why this is happening. You should ensure that your kernel names are unique across the kernels in your program. If this is definitely the case, then maybe we have a bug on our hands.