Device is not visible

Greetings! My problem is when i run computecpp_info it doesn’t want to show my processor as device(i7 -3770), rather it shows intagrated GPU Intel HD Graphics IvyBridge GT2. I think the consequence of this is i cannot run simple-vector-add example, because of “One module without kernel function!”. Would be great if you have tips for me!

Sounds like your driver installation and configuration is not working correctly.
Does ‘clinfo’ show all the devices you would expect?

Actually , no. There is no CPU also. Is that means i needed in reinstallation of OpenCL? Also, there is in pre-requisite tools requirements OpenCL 1.2 . It is neccessary version or i can install 1.2 +?

It sounds like something went wrong with the driver installation in that case. You should be able to install the Intel OpenCL 1.2 drivers and everything will work. Check the pre-requisites here.

Could you please link on propper Intel OpenCL driver? On debian, i found the one named intel-opencl-icd , but it still shows intergated GPU.

It’s hard for us to link to specific instructions as they change and also depend on the target hardware. My best advice would be to go to the Intel website to find out how to install the best OpenCL drivers for your hardware. clinfo will then validate if things look correct, and then you can use computecpp_info to check the ComputeCpp runtime is finding the devices.

For a while i found pocl-opencl-icd driver, who whork fine i guess.

And there is another problem:D I have two pc - i7-10700 and i7-3770. in first case device is untested, but in second it links as ‘NO - No bitcode target found’. What is it could be mean?

That sounds quite old hardware. Are you sure it supports OpenCL and more specifically POCL?