Does ComputeCpp support AMD Radeon 550RX on ubuntu 18.04?

I’m trying to execute the samples from the sdk on an ubuntu 18.04 system with a AMD Radeon 550RX. I have installed the openCL libraries, and ComputeCpp-CE-1.1.4

computecpp_info shows:

ComputeCpp Info (CE 1.1.4)

SYCL 1.2.1 revision 3


Toolchain information:

GLIBC version: 2.27
GLIBCXX: 20160609
This version of libstdc++ is supported.

Device Info:

Discovered 1 devices matching:
  platform    : <any>
  device type : <any>

Device 0:

  Device is supported                     : UNTESTED - Untested OS
  CL_DEVICE_NAME                          : gfx804
  CL_DEVICE_VENDOR                        : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  CL_DRIVER_VERSION                       : 2906.7
  CL_DEVICE_TYPE                          : CL_DEVICE_TYPE_GPU 

I have installed the amdgpu 19.30 drivers.

The samples build fine, but immediately die with:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'cl::sycl::compile_program_error'

Do I need a different version of the amd drivers, or is something else going wrong?

thanks, Charles.

Hi Charles,
Whilst the AMD drivers report that they support SPIR (which is required for ComputeCpp to work in this case) they do not actually. The Platform Support page lists the last working drivers from AMD, we are hoping that they will make support for SPIR again soon.