Sample Gaussian-Blur.cpp fails in CUDA Device

I installed llvm project for sycl in WSL for windows, I am using windows 11Pro and Ubuntu 20.04, I have a NVIDIA GTX1650 card with CUDA 11.5 software installed.

Then I started to compile the examples in ComputeCpp-sdk.
The example images.cpp compiles and works.
The example Gaussian-Blur.cpp compiles but when I executed I get error
pi_die: PI CUDA kernels only support images with channel types int32, uint32, float, and half.

Looking at the code I see that images.cpp has the lines for image as
image<2> srcImage(src, image_channel_order::rgba, image_channel_type::fp32, range<2>(16, 16));
image<2> destImage(dest, image_channel_order::rgba, image_channel_type::fp32, range<2>(16, 16));

Looking at the code in Gaussian-Blur.cpp the lines for image are
image<2> image_in(inputData, co::rgba, ct::unorm_int8, imgRange);
image<2> image_out(outputData, co::rgba, ct::unorm_int8, imgRange);

It seems image_channel_type unorm_int8 is not supported.
I wonder if there is a solution for this problem.
Is it possible to change the pixels in the image file to int32 or float, do you know any example?

Thank you for your attention.

This seems to be an expected error, i.e. when I look at the code in DPC++ it throws that error so the behaviour you see is expected. We are investigating a similar issue and I am trying to confirm if this is the same and if we can fix this or provide a workaround. Thanks for your patience.