Codeplay website isn't working for me under latest chrome


I had to open the activation link in IE, because chrome tells me this:

Also on the download page at:
<picture missing, not allowed to post more than one>

seems to be missing the actual download button… I can choose an OS, arch and version, but the download doesn’t start, and there is no button to start it.

To report this, I had to resort again to IE to register for the support site :slight_smile:

Then I tried to open:
in IE, and that didn’t even login…

I really want to use ComputeCpp, but you’re not making it easy…




Hi Jan,
That’s odd as we are all mostly using Chrome here. Do you have any specific settings on your browser to prevent JavaScript from running or something similar?
For example some of the settings here chrome://settings/content ?


picture of missing dl button


Hi Jan, there is no download button. Our agreement will pop up and there is a button to Accept (or not) this agreement and the download will start after that. I’m not sure why it’s not working in either browser. I can only assume that this is something in your browser settings.


I’ll check! (not at home currently)