Downloading NVIDIA/AMD plugins without registration


We want to add oneAPI for NVIDIA/AMD to our CI system (GitLab Pipelines, using Docker). We have automated scripts to build/update the container images, and here is the problem: is there a way to download the installers (either a specific version or the latest one) from the script?

“Main” OneAPI can be installed via APT or by downloading a pre-built base Docker image, so that part is trivial. It’s the NVIDIA/AMD plugins that are causing issues. Current download links for the installers are only available after signing in and contain some tokens, so, presumably, they should not be hardcoded in the scripts, right?

As a temporary solution, we can download the installers manually and provide local files to the build script, but that’s not very convenient long-term.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s something we would like to offer definitely but currently there is no timescale for it. Bringing it up does help to raise the priority though.

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