Using OneMKL with Compute++

Hi, probably a bit of a stretch here but is it possible to use oneMKL with compute++ projects.

I can use MKL via MKL/uBlas support headers but getting “undefined identifier 'half”’ if trying to include

I am guessing it is not supported so is not a bug but just in case there is a workaround or alternative solution.


Hi Stuart,
As far as I know oneMKL does not include any SYCL code for the kernels so it is not supported using ComputeCpp. You can use the SYCL-BLAS project however which has generic SYCL code so should work with any implementation.

Hi Rod, would love to try sycl-blas but my usual dev env is VS2019 on windows 10 and my cmake knowledge is non existent; are there any Visual Studio projects/solutions that I can use to try this out?

Hi Stuart,
SYCL-BLAS has worked for colleagues using Windows but you will need to use the CMake files. There are some built in commands for Windows that should help it work so I’d recommend giving it a try and if you get any problems you can ask for support here.

Just as a hint you will most likely need the following cmake arguments when you build but replace with your own path locations for open blas

-DOPENBLAS_INCLUDE_DIRS="C:\\Users\\rod\\Desktop\\projects\\OpenBLAS-0.3.10-x64\\include" -DOPENBLAS_LIBRARIES="C:\\Users\\rod\\Desktop\\projects\\OpenBLAS-0.3.10-x64\\lib\\libopenblas.lib"