Compiling and Running SYCL Code Directly on RISC-V

Hi ,

I have a couple of questions regarding compiling SYCL code to run directly on RISC-V.

  1. I have already built the hal_cpu_remote_server and run the client with simple-vector-add.cpp on RISC-V remotely via the server. Is it correct to say that by doing this, we are actually offloading the execution of the entire simple-vector-add on RISC-V through a server-client connection between our local PC and the RISC-V running on the FPGA?
  2. If this is correct, is it also possible to build simple-vector-add to run directly on the RISC-V processor? Specifically, can I build simple-vector-add, then scp it to RISC-V, and run it there without any server-client interface?

Thank you for your help!