ComputeCpp integration with Visual Studio 2019 - No Project Template

After installation of computecpp for visual studio I expected to have some kind of project template I could use since that is what I checked of in the installation process. But sadly I could not find anything related to sycl or computecpp in the project templates. Is this a known issue? I couldn’t find anything related to this problem.
My Configuration:
Windows 10
Visual Studio 2019
computecpp 2.0.0

Hi Joshua,
You should see a “ComputeCpp SYCL C++” option in the “New Project” selection.

Can I check, did you have a previous version of ComputeCpp installed on your computer?
If yes, can you try uninstalling everything (including any older version) and re-installing please?



I have the same issue as Joshua.
I use W10 with VS2019 and ComputeCpp 2.0.0

I had a former version of ComputeCpp installed but I uninstalled it before the installation of the 2.0.0 version.

Hi joshua.moellers and e.bernard thank you for reporting the issue! Can I ask if this is a fresh install of visual studios 2019? I have tried to reproduce the issue and was able to observe similar behaviour if the visual studio’s setup completed but had not initialized the templates directory that exists in the “Documents” directory of the user. A re-install of ComputeCpp after opening and closing Visual Studios 2019 seemed to resolve the issue.

Thanks for your help.
This is not a new install of Visual Studio and this was the first time installing computecpp.
I already tried to uninstall and reinstall computecpp to no avail.
The installer does find my installation of Visual Studio and seemingly can modify something from MSBuild.
I checked the templates directory of visual studio at “Documents\Visual Studio 2019\Templates”, and it is empty except for one other folder named “ItemTemplates” which is itself empty again.
I will try to reinstall Visual Studio and see if that helps.
Maybe this is caused by my modified Documents directory, which I have moved to another drive (I:/Documents) and does not exist in my user folder anymore?

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Thank you for the extra info! I think the modified documents directory might be the issue here then, as we use the user folder as reference for parsing the template data install directory. We can look into solutions on our end to cover the possible custom user directory change, in the mean time I will work with rod to see if there is anything we can do short term to help use cases like this.

Thanks again for checking and the quick responses!

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Hi there, we’ve made some changes to the Windows installer to make sure that the templates get installed properly. You can get the updated package from our website.
Can you please uninstall your current ComputeCpp before installing just to be sure everything is cleaned up?
The new installer uses VSIX so there is an additional warning when this part runs. We’ve also moved from using the user folder to store the templates which we understand is better practice. This may mean you see two ComputeCpp templates when you go to create a new project, these can be deleted manually from \Documents\Visual Studio 2019\Templates\ProjectTemplates if you want to clean that up.

Let me know how you get on.

With the new installer I had the project template available, although just under the category “all languages” not under “C++”. I don’t know if that is intended, but I wanted to let you know.

Since I want/have to use Nvidias CL implementation I had to change all references in the project configuration from Intels CL implementation to Nvidias Cuda directory. To do that I changed every (INTELOCLSDKROOT) to (CUDA_PATH). After that the default main.cpp file build fine.
Running this build did result in some Error “ComputeCpp:RT0100” I currently have not figured out.
Admittedly I did not spend much time searching for a cause or solution until now.

Since the original issue is resolved I would like to propose to close this topic. If I can’t solve the aforementioned error or find answers to similar problems I will probably open another topic.

I would also like to commend your outstanding and fast support and at a larger level computecpps contributions to easier and more user friendly heterogenous programming!

Hi Joshua, thanks for the information, I’ll look at what we can do to simplify that or document it somewhere. And thank you for the kind comment too, it keeps us going!