Configure ParallelSTL failed

I’ve installed computecpp SDK community, and downloaded ParallelSTLfrom Github. I am using CMAKE to create VS2017 solution. but get following error when configuring in CMAKE

Using ComputeCpp CMake

  • Path to ComputeCpp implementation: *
    CMake Error at cmake/Modules/FindComputeCpp.cmake:77 (message):
  • ComputeCpp package - Not found! (please set COMPUTECPP_PACKAGE_ROOT_DIR)*
    Call Stack (most recent call first):
  • CMakeLists.txt:21 (include)*

I set system variable of “COMPUTECPP_PACKAGE_ROOT_DIR” to installation folder of computecpp, but it doesn’t work. why? is computecpp SDK not computecpp package? where can I get package of computecpp?

Hi hli,

I am not quite sure what are you referring to as computecpp-sdk but the SDK is not our SYCL implementation; it is just a collection of examples and utilities to help you get started developing with ComputeCpp (e.g.: our FindComputeCpp CMake module is a great script to set up your project build with less hassle and the samples and demos show a good use of SYCL features).

Having said that, if you download ComputeCpp Community Edition from our website, you should be able to point the COMPUTECPP_PACKAGE_ROOT_DIR variable to the directory you have installed ComputeCpp in.
The script in ParallelSTL needs to find the lib/ include/ and bin/ directories which are part of the structure of the ComputeCpp implementation package.

See if that clears things for you.


Hi Georgi,

“compute-sdk” means installation folder of “ComputeCpp Community Edition”. I have installed ComputeCpp Community Edition, and have a variable of “COMPUTECPP_ROOT_DIR” that is automatically defined when installing community edition, and it points to the directory of the installed ComputeCpp. Please note that it is “COMPUTECPP_ROOT_DIR” that is defined automatically stead of " “COMPUTECPP_PACKAGE_ROOT_DIR". Event if I define variable of “COMPUTECPP_PACKAGE_ROOT_DIR” to points to the directory of the installed ComputeCpp. I am still getting the same error. My OS is Windows 10.


Hi hli,

Right, so I understand that you’ve done the installation of ComputeCpp correctly.

SYCLParallelSTL's CMake module for finding ComputeCpp is a bit outdated now and many changes have occurred during that time to both the ComputeCpp package and the FindComputeCpp Cmake module. Accordingly, COMPUTECPP_PACKAGE_ROOT_DIR is now COMPUTECPP_ROOT_DIR. However, the script works perfectly fine and there should not be an issue to build the project. It seems that the environment variable is not properly set (globally). I have built the computecpp-sdk repository’s samples on my home Windows 10 machine using both VS2015 and VS2017 but I haven’t played with setting global environment variables, rather I have set them just for the current session in the command prompt. You can do that by manually typing the CMake build command in the VS 2017 Developer Command Prompt and then open the generated solution file.

CMake command:

cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" -DCOMPUTECPP_PACKAGE_ROOT_DIR=/path/to/computecpp

Note that this should work for Visual Studio 2017 as well as the corresponding generator for VS2015 but it may not work with VS2019 out-the-box yet.